A brief history of Herne Bay Christian Spiritualist Church

On the 9th December 1948 the committee of the Church agreed to view a room on the seafront which was for rent- On the 22nd February 1949 The British Legion was approached for permission to still continue the Services at the Hall for a quarterly period, also enquiries were made regarding the building off Avenue Road, on the 1st December 1949 the final preparations for the opening of this Church were made, enabling the first service to take place at 3pm and 7pm. Miss Moyes came from headquarters to open the hall. Herne Bay Christian Spiritualist Church was part of the Herne Bay College, St Georges Terrace.  Everyone comments on the lovely feeling when they enter the Church, and our thanks go to all Presidents and those who have worked hard over the years, to build the Peace, Spirituality and friendliness within the building. People know that they can enter the Church and receive the Healing, and there is always someone here to help, guide or listen.

“Death is not the end, but the gateway to a fuller life” 

Christenings have taken place over the many years, we are also registered for Marriages.

Jane the President was ordained in December 2006 at Herne Bay Christian Spiritualist Church by the Rev. Leslie Shugrue, although the Church is an independent Church, Jane was ordained into the Corinthian Church and Healing Association and was promoted to Senior Principle Minister.

If you would like to talk to Jane about Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Christenings or Funerals at various crematoriums, or any other matters, please contact her and she will do her best to help.

The Church holds Circles, Healer Training and Clairvoyant evenings, and of course Church Services where we have different dedicated Mediums who serve our Church.