10 June 2021

Dear Friends,

We are almost halfway through this year, what have we achieved? This virus as we all know, has caused so much chaos throughout the whole world, but prayers have eventually been answered, scientist have worked hard to produce vaccines helping to protect us. It has been interesting to see people working together in all professions for the good of all. We have learnt how technology can bring people together especially for Church services in their homes. As we gradually come out of this pandemic, we must be cautious and to remember what we have learnt, patience, understanding and to be courteous to each other. We have managed to keep the Church open as much as possible throughout this pandemic, which has helped many people, it was strange conducting services via Facebook, but with my sons help, we managed!! Hopefully now we can get back to normal services, any changes, I will do my best to inform you all. Please note although we have attached the mediums list and dates for your diaries, these may be subject to change.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the mediums who have supported us throughout this period.
We will be holding our Father’s Day service with Janet Mills on Sunday 20th June starting at 6.30pm.

Friday 25th June, Hannah and I are conducting a Clairvoyant Evening starting at 7.30pm, the cost is £4 or £3.50 for Church members, hopefully this will include tea/coffee and biscuits.

There will also be a raffle. Friday 17th September, Barbara Almond will be bringing her fledglings along, starting at 7.30pm price as usual £4 or £3.50 Church members, which will include tea/coffee and biscuits, a raffle will also be held.

Sunday 26th September we will be holding our Harvest Service with Pat Plummer, the service will start at 6.30pm, all food donations will be greatly appreciated and will be donated to the Food Bank. The committee, and I, will be discussing the celebration party, which will be held in the summer, possibly our harvest tea and any further evening events. The Wedding of Jo and Alan will take place in our Church later in July. I am also conducting a wedding the beginning of July in another district.

A reminder that our Church is registered for Weddings, Wedding Vows, Memorial Services also Funerals may be conducted, for further information on these or any other ministerial matters please see me. I have conducted funeral services throughout this pandemic, many have said they would like to have had more people attend, also to have a get together afterwards, I have suggested a memorial service where there is no time limit, many have thought this is a good idea.

If you would like to dedicate flowers in memory of a loved one or a special occasion, please see Josie.

Private readings are available £10 per 30 mins. Please see me for further details.

It is lovely to have Eunice back again, Welcome back Eunice.

The Committee and I would like to thank all members for their help, support and commitment throughout this year and a half.

Many Blessings to you all

Rev. Jane Kaby